How to get back in to education this autumn

How to get back in to education this autumn

Summer 2018 is done and dusted and the intense Indian heat wave we had a couple of months ago now seems like a distant memory.

With the reopening of the school gates and new terms starting the struggle to get back into the routine is all so real. Whilst education is typically linked with children learning in an institutional building, the process of learning is ageless.

Taking away the social constructs associated with education studying can be done to fulfil certain achievements. This can be to further your career, personal development, or just to acquire new information. There or no age restrictions when it comes to education, furthermore it doesn’t need to be done in a school.

The only difference is as a mature student you are more in control of your studying and time management. You’re left to your own devices to complete that dreaded assignment and there won’t be teachers constantly breathing down your neck. That’s why a lot of time when given the choice, people tend to only study subjects they’re passionate about.

There was a time when further education was only possible to those who had previous qualifications as a starting point. Then along came the internet…! Whilst many accreditation such as BA hons and MA hons are still ranked highly, there are fewer limitations when trying to reach those higher millstones. An online course could be the start. There are loads of great online courses to give you further knowledge in your ideal field.

If you are at a point in your life where you feel you want to boost your knowledge but not quite sure how here are a few steps to help along the way

Juggling education with work and family

For a lot of us the main question is – how will I study, work, and raise a family (if you have a family to raise)?  I always look back at my school days and think, wow life was so much easier back then, yet I was still so eager to grow up, work, and have my own space – you know what they call “adult life”.

The irony kicks in when so many of us want to go back to learning but now as adults we feel we don’t have the time and it becomes less of a necessity – after all school days are over.

Having that mindset can restrict us and we can end up limiting ourselves on the wealth of knowledge we have access too. So, in other words make a plan.

Force education into your schedule. Whether it’s signing up to a new online course or joining a new class. Set aside at least an hour a day to absorb information or learn something new. Work it around your current timetable without any excuses.

Think about the career progression

Juggling education with work and family is so much easier to do if you know why you are doing it. Sometimes we work hard but become demotivated because we can’t visibly see what we are working for. Take an image out of our minds we can begin to become more aligned  with what you are looking at.

When studying for career progression try creating a mood board with what comes with career progression for you personally. This can be family holidays, a new car, or the latest PS4 game your son has been go on about for the last few months. Make it personal to yourself.

Confidence booster

This one almost goes without saying, the more you know the greater your confidence becomes. The former UN secretary General Kofi Anan once said, “Knowledge is power and information is liberating”.  When you master something and are able to use it to your advantage your success becomes limitless. Check out our last aticle on being and feeling more confident.

Online courses

Make use of free online courses, most of the time these can be completed in your own time and there are no set deadlines. Have a look around the net to see what is available to you.

Alternatively if you don’t want to learn something new why not refresh your knowledge on what you already know. Education never gets old so refreshing your knowledge is always a bonus. In a social media world it’s all about keeping up to date with trends. How about challenging that by spending just as much time as you would on social media on a topic of interest or upskilliing yourself.

If you have any ideas on how you will recharge this autumn comment below


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