How to live your best life

How to live your best life

“I’m living my best life” a phrase which has gone from a standard English sentence to a creative snapchat filter, all thanks to fearless millennials.

For most working adults an average day consists of sleep work sleep and repeat. We spend so much time working to survive that we actually forget to live. When we are not working or sleeping most of us are on our phones or on social media watching those from a distance living their best lives whilst wishing we were living ours.

The reality of human existence is that we only live once so if our time on earth isn’t being spent doing things which truly enrich us or give us pleasure and satisfaction, are we making the most out of our human experience? We’ve all had shoulda woulda coulda moments but there’s nothing worse than looking back and wishing you did that…

Believing that we must play it safe and live within our means (whatever those means are) only limit our experiences. Below are some tips on how to begin the journey of living your best life.

What makes you happy?

Start small by doing things that simply make you happy. It could be anything from volunteering, to going out more, or meeting new people. If you don’t know what makes you happy try spending time by yourself and noting down when you feel most excited. Whatever makes you feel good internally is usually the answer.

Be authentically you

Another way of living your best life is embracing your authentic self. What makes you authentically you? What are your quirks? A lot of times we shy away from things about ourselves which are unconventional or what others might think of as “weird”. But living in a conformist society makes it even more so important to stand out from the crowd and being confident in doing so. If we all had the same beliefs and interests the world would be a very boring place.

Catch a technology detox

It’s 6am and the first thing you do after your alarm goes off is scroll through Instagram to catch up on what you missed in the last 9 hours. Beginning your day by looking at the images and content posted by other people subconsciously sets the pace for the day ahead.  Being in your own head space rather than taking in messages of others will give you more control on how you want your day to go. So how about trying a technology detox, be present and leave social media alone for a while. You might surprise yourself with just how little you miss it.

Find your inner confidence

This tip could be a blog post on its own as there are so many different facets of finding your confidence. Confidence is the missing ingredient to a good meal. Once you add it the meal goes from good to amazing! Once you find your confidence the potential of a better life increases because you become aware of what you are capable of without being afraid to go for it.

Be fearless

There’s one key way of doing this and that’s through coming out of your comfort zone. Taking on new challenges is essential for growth and progression. The fear of failure will always be there but for the most part it’s in our heads where we blow it out of proportion and make things scarier than they actually are. Without failure we wouldn’t appreciate the feeling of success.

“I’m living my best life” is more than just trendy phrase, it’s a way of living. This is cultivated in words, thoughts, and actions. So make sure when your screaming I’m living my best life, you actually are.

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