Am I really doing what I was born to do?

Am I really doing what I was born to do?

When we are new born babies we enter the world as a new abundance of energy, an unfiltered being with no consensus of what is wrong or right or of which paths we have been destined to fulfil…

As we get older we become sponges of our environments which soak up information linked to the experiences we are exposed to through those closest to us. These along with our personal circumstances help mould us into fully formed independent beings with ideologies and overall perceptions which help shape our lives.

For most of us a good life comes with a good job and a comfortable way of living. Whilst most societies emphasise the importance of education, not many of us appreciate the notion of knowledge – there is a difference.

How many of us went to uni for 3-4 years and studied a subject which had absolutely nothing to do with what we actually want to do in life? Not saying that uni or education is a waste of time – but at the tender ages of 18 – 21 its very hard for us as young adults to know where we want to be in the next 10 years or so, let alone how we will get there.

This is part of the reason why so many graduates come out of uni unemployable lost in a pool of other graduates who hold the same exact piece of paper. Again, by no means am I saying that university is a waste of time.

On the other spectrum of things are the students who know exactly what they want to do in life and go to uni in order to fulfil that desire. However, for a lot of young adults the problem comes once they have completed their degree and are unable to find a job in their desired field. With a lot of uncertainty in the current climate, many graduates (or even those who haven’t attended uni) settle for jobs which are convenient in order to live a comfortable life.

The problem here is that more often than not we tend to neglect what our hearts truly desire and stick to the somewhat safest option. In some instances this can come at the cost of our authentic happiness.

Sometimes it is important for us to do some self reflection on ourselves and the paths we are currently embarking on. This is something I have done myself and have found hugely beneficial. Analysing my life, and career whilst noting down my passions has allowed me to identify where my strengths and weaknesses lie.

In a book I have been reading by Abiola Abrams she says, “exploit your uniqueness”. Writing down goals and objects is a starting point for achieving targets because it gives you a visual perception of where you want to be and how you aim to get there.

Setting goals can be challenging in the grand scheme of things because it requires you to really reflect on what you are and have been doing and can be a testament to your overall productivity. But, in the long run it will allow you to use your time more effectively whilst establishing a plan to get you to the place where you truly want to be unapolagetically.

Have a look at the June’s Balance Wheel to get an idea on how to keep your focus daily.


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