JC Story

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When I was young, I had a natural desire to help others. I have had many journeys in life but the most significant ones have been those where I have learned some incredible lessons, which enabled me to enrich my life and the lives of others.

In my late teens, I decided to travel the world because I want to extend my knowledge of life and learn new lessons.

My journey began as an exchange student in Indonesia. Working alongside a Dutch medical doctor and a group of young women from the village teaching home economics skills and self care had the most impact on my life. There was a particular young woman from the village who taught me many things because of how she lived her life by being humble and hard working; she believed that it was a joy to care for the underprivileged without forcing her beliefs onto others.

This period was my spiritual grounding because working a long side her showed me that being humble, honest, kind and hard working was the way I should live my life. The many experiences taught me to always appreciate what I have and to remember life is about being good to others – as my mother would say, “If you do good, good will follow you”.

One thing I have realised is that the journey of life is never ending, if you open your eyes and listen each day you will realise the universe is sending you messages to guide you on your way.  I spent many years working and supporting vulnerable women who had fallen into difficult and sometimes dangerous situations.  I remember one of my clients asked me (after her successful transformation), “Why do you do what you do”? I smiled and was taken by surprise. I replied, “I just like helping people to accomplish their potential”.

When I got home I thought about our brief conversation and I was not entirely happy with my rather short answer.   At the end of my client’s next session I proceeded to tell her why ‘I do what I do’.  I believe I am destined to support and enable others to find their greatness and I appreciate the qualities I have and aim to pass lessons on to others.  I have many experiences which I have not shared with you, but if we journey together you will benefit from all that I have learned.

As a person, I have been incredibly fortunate in life and I want to take time out to give thanks to my teachers, family, friends, colleagues, clients, and inspirational souls who have and are giving me guidance and supporting me through my incredible journey.

Thank You.