My Journey to Destiny Consultation

My Journey to Destiny Consultation

Have you ever sat and thought to yourself, what am I doing & where am I going in this journey we call life? Well, most of us have and for me this happened at a point in my life where I really did not know where to look to find the answers. However, little did I know – the answers laid within myself.

When you hear the words journey to destiny what initially comes to mind?

The words journey to destiny can bring an array of different thoughts into each of our minds. If you’re anything like me you’ll be more than intrigued to find out what this captivating phrase is all about.

The first question is what does this mean? Well the answer to that is purely subjective depending on each individual’s current circumstances and situations.

As a woman in my late 20s I’ve recently found myself questioning my existence, my purpose, and my overall character! As deep and as cynical as this may sound it is actually a natural process that many women in my age group (and of other ages) go through at such stages in their lives. When you reach a particular age and you haven’t reached the major pinnacles in life which society has set for us such as marriage, motherhood, or a boastful career – you’re left wondering where did I go wrong? All of a sudden that sound of the clock ticking becomes a whole lot louder…..

I couldn’t have asked for a journey to destiny consultation at a more pivotal point in my life. It provided me with an insight into where I was going in life and which necessary steps were needed in order for me to get there.

When it comes to self reflection and self love it is important to understand the natural attributes which make up our characters. These are not things which we have learned socially via friends family or everyday life in general. These are aspects we were born with and in some instances have not nurtured enough and utilised to become the best versions of ourselves as possible.

As someone who has become more aware of my presence and more conscious to the journey I have been on and what I’m yet to embark on, I was very much open minded to receiving my consultation and a lot of the findings made sense. Gaining an insight into my core strengths and weaknesses allowed me to see what I needed to work on in terms of my self reflection.

What was most valued about my journey to destiny consultation was the personal aspect. Knowing that the details and findings were a personification of my life and journey made me feel more aware and engaged with my inner self in line with my natural characteristics.

The consultation now acts as reference to my daily life experiences and obstacles. By reverting back to my consultation I am able to recognise and understand if I am handling things in line with my qualities and intuition.

I feel happy with my journey to destiny consulation, and would recomend anyone currently at a crossroads in their to do give it a go.



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