Stepping outside of your Comfort Zone

Stepping outside of your Comfort Zone

A comfort zone is commonly known as an area where we feel most comfortable. provides an exercise which asks us to draw a circle with everything we have in our lives inside; this includes finances, relationships, personal items etc. It then asks us to write everything we do not have but desire outside of the circle. The main aim of the exercise is to show that in order to get to our desirable goals it is necessary to step out of our circle.

Though it is generally nice to feel at ease and not have to go through stress, anxiety, or extra emotions of embarking on a new challenge; the pros of stepping outside of your comfort zone vastly out way the cons.

Tips on stepping outside of your comfort zone

  1. Change your mind frame – instead of thinking of what will go wrong, try putting your focus and energy into all of the things which can go right. Grab your journal and make a list of all the things you hope to achieve, and the benefits which come with stepping outside of your comfort zone.
  2. Start small – a couple of years ago I did a lipstick challenge for an old blog. The challenge consisted of me wearing 5 different bold colours of lipstick every day. This was a fun yet simple way of me stepping outside of my comfort zone in regards to my appearance. Why not try something small daily. We wrote an article on standout looks which may help to give you a few ideas.
  3. Be assertive – for natural introverts expressing wants and needs confidently can be more than a challenge.  Voicing an opinion in areas of our lives where we have typically shied away from is not only a skill which will take us outside of our comfort zones, but it is also a massive  confidence booster, and helps us to gain  deeper insight to our values, boundaries, and sense of self.
  4. Learn something new – obtaining a new skill can be a great confidence boost as mentioned both personally and professionally. It’s always good to exercise our minds and expand on internal information. This can be anything from a new language, a sport, activity, or even general knowledge. Why not sign up to webinars, or training classes and challenge yourself to learning something new every month!
  5. Recognise you’re negative behaviour and thought patterns – a lot of the time when we encourage and engage in activities that are detrimental to our true selves we often get frustrated when we don’t get the results we want. When this happens continuously it goes deeper than just naively making the same mistakes and expecting a different outcome. In most cases we harbour subconscious thoughts about ourselves and our values leading to negative thought patterns which are further reinforced and expressed through our actions.


Breaking away from these can be hard, however acknowledging traits which make us feel uneasy and cause disruption to our spirits is the best way to start!

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is a very personal experience and doesn’t always have to be conducted in the form of an outrageous bucket list. To maximise on the potential growth it is always good to focus on both internal and external aspects. Our tips consist of activities which utilise mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical elements of everyday experiences. Find out more about this in our finding balance article.

Which ways do you plan on stepping out of your comfort zones?

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