Summer holidays for wellness

Summer holidays for wellness

It’s that time of year where we get ready to bring out the bikinis, shades, sunscreen, and beach bags! It’s summertime – aka holiday season.

While the bulk of summer is usually overshadowed by the six week school break (and many of us mothers trying to figure out how to entertain the little ones). It’s also a great time to for us to relax and indulge in some self love, self care activities.

Travelling has often been described as a natural form of medication. There’s just something about jetting off on a plane to experience new cultures, stimulating natural adventures, and life changing moments. Travelling is a luxury and being able to view the globe in its entirety broadens our depiction on just how diverse the the world really is.

From food – to drink, dance – to music, climate – to culture, travelling outside of your comfort areas will not only give your brain a break from normal everyday stresses. It will also prove to be a great contributing factor for growth and wellness.

We’ve listed 3 destinations that are great for wellness, peace, and a good summer time!


As one of the most well known cities in Spain, Barcelona makes a good summer vacation because of its fusion of beach life and city vibes. As an affordable destination, Barcelona is ideal for those of you on a budget (especially when travelling from the UK).

The nightlife is fun and vibrant, and there are numerous site seeing locations which will keep you entertained.

If you’re into beaches Barcelona definitely isn’t short of any! As mentioned it is a perfect fusion of beach and city life. As one of the oldest beaches, Sant Sebastià is known as a favourite to the locals as it is situated quite near to the city. If you want to take part in activities or simply just sunbath then this is the beach for you.

Harbour cruises are also a great way to indulge in the relaxation elements of Barcelona. You can find boat cruises which range from coastal cruises, sunset excursions and themed trips like jazz cruises. So why not take your pick!

If you’re into nature then you’ll love garden tranquility. These are the luscious botanical gardens located on Montjuïc hill, south-west of the centre. Enjoy and explore the beautify exotic plants and the garden’s micro climates. What better way to end your night…


There are dream destinations and then there is Madagascar. Not only is the dreamy island an embodiment of sun, sand, and turquoise sea – it is also known for its unique wildlife and biodiversity. Madagascar has some of the most picturesque beaches in the world. What better way to calm the spirit than taking time out on a relaxed, chilled, remote island.

Nosey Be is a trademark beach here. You’ll find expensive restaurants, resorts, and Sunday night parties. If you get the chance to visit Madagascar you won’t want to give this beach a miss.

For those of you who are into crystal healing or crystals in general – Madagascar is one destination where you will find different stones, rocks and all things gems. It has been said that the stones in this part of the world are so unique they can only be found here.

If you’ve you seen the popular Madagascar movie you’ll be familiar with Baobab trees. These are large trees which can grow up to 98 feet tall and 36 feet wide. As Baobab trees can only be found in Madagascar it’s a great sight seeing opportunity!

As trips here can be quite pricey, this holiday definitely can be classed as a once in lifetime opportunity! If it’s a little out of pocket for the summer, a trip here can always be saved for a special occasion…



The peaceful attributes linked with Barbados and other surrounding countries are breathtaking. If you’re in to water sports Barbados is a great place to engage in activities such as snorkelling, fly boarding, and sailing.

If you’re a a foodie the Bajan cuisine will not disappoint. Some of the top restaurants to visit include Brown Sugar, famous for it’s all you can eat buffet lunch. Tides which is located on the water front, offers a range of options from vegetarian to kids menu. Lastly, Daphnes which is a fusion of traditional island seafood and Italian dishes.  Tropical sky published a list of top Bajan restaurants to visit.

As summer is well and truly here, which destinations will you be visiting?

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