Turning 50

Turning 50

Certain ages in our lives feel like milestones. 13, 18, and 21 are all important ages because they come with physical, psychological, and social changes. For most girls these ages are exciting because they mark the journey of growing from a girl to a woman. But once they reach their late 20s the momentum somewhat slows down. They encounter thoughts of fear and anxiety. Why? because as ironic as it may sound, they’re getting older and are becoming real women.

Whilst times have changed and turning thirty is no longer seen as a “pre midlife crisis” – more and more women starting families, embarking on careers, and gaining security. Turning fifty still is an overcastting shadow for some women.

For women a lot of their worth is placed on two things, childbearing and beauty. The media does a great job at perpetuating these ideologies. Endless beauty products are marketed to help women look younger. And cosmetic surgery is used by A-list celebrities to delay the aging process. These aesthetics continue to put pressure on older women and it becomes easy to forget the joys of getting old.

Another trigger in the course of aging is the dreaded M – Menopause. Hot flushes, mood swings, and light headedness are all things that come with. Studies have also shown that women loose a sense of their femininity when they go through menopause.

The negative stigma around menopause has a huge impact on the ways women feel about approaching this stage of their lives. It can have an emotional strain on their lives affecting relationships and experiences. Feeling embarrassed to bring it up let alone speak openly about it can also lead to a feeling of isolation.

A change in mindset can be effective here. Rather than seeing menopause as a “condition” – or as the end of childbearing years, why not start seeing as the beginning of a new journey or chapter. This can help embrace the experience and focus on the positives. Not having to deal with the joys of a monthly period, and not having to worry about the risk of getting pregnant are only some of the perks.

The aesthetics of the aging process can be hard but in the long run it is guided by the interior well being. As the marking of half a century – women should use this opportunity to reflect on their journeys so far. The wisdom and knowledge they have acquired can now be used to guide those younger. With this comes a sense of confidence and security. Women in this age group and older should have some sense of self, yet should still be excited to continue on with the journey of life after fifty.

Some see fifty as the life point closer to death than birth, whilst others see it as the chance to embark on new experiences so they can live the next fifty years feeling fulfilled.

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