Valentine’s day for the singles (self love)

Valentine’s day for the singles (self love)

For many, feeling the pressure of Valentine’s day is as real as ever, especially for those of us who are single. Whilst Valentine’s day is supposed to be a day celebrating love, it’s easy to feel a sense of alienation if you are not in a romantic or intimate relationship.

As a money making commercial holiday companies profit off of products such as hart shaped chocolate assortments, cuddly teddy bears, flowers, and cards; all of which can be found on almost every isle of the supermarket.

With all of this at the forefront of consumer attention, it’s easy to fall into the trap of self analysis as to why you do not fit into the social construct in which Valentine’s day is geared towards. Ultimately all Valentine’s day is is a consumerist holiday, however it is up to you how you buy into this concept.


The dynamics of Valentine’s day are also somewhat interesting because of the gender expectations associated with the day.  For example, typically Valentine’s Day has been made to feel like “the woman’s day” – a day where men are put into the dog house for not buying a bouquet of flowers, box of chocolate, expensive jewellery, or anything none the less.

Meanwhile women are expected to provide the sexual aspect – a night full of mind blowing passionate sex…the sex which has been placed on reserve for the other 364 days of the year. Of course all relationships differ but this tends to be the general consensus.

Single on Valentine’s day #singleandreadytomingle

The act of self love amongst women has become even more so prevalent in recent years and women have grown increasingly conscious about taking care of themselves spiritually, mentally, and physically. Valentines day can be a pivotal day to focus all elements of self love into yourself, after all love begins within.  Anything you can do for your man, husband, partner, or casual lover you can do for yourself. It all just comes down to how you make yourself feel good.

For some, feeling good comes from feeling sexy, but in that lies the question of, how do you feel sexy without having someone there telling you you are sexy? Again, this differs for every woman but here are a few ways to help you along the way.

Valentine’s day Sexy Lingerie #sexyandslayin

Throughout my 20s I never quite understood the hype around wearing sexy lingerie, to me if it fitted well that was good enough! However, as I approached 29 and the third decade of my female existence was looming I became more in sync with my womanhood and the benefits of wearing sexy lingerie became more apparent.

No matter which shape or size, when the right lingerie is chosen it can alter your physique and nip and tuck so your curves and best features are extenuated. With your body looking and feeling good comes a boost in confidence and when a woman is confident this is shown through her energy and vibes. So why not treat yourself to some Valentine’s day lingerie, wear it to work and feel good throughout the whole day.

Valentine’s date night #datingmyself

Who says dates are just for couples? If you don’t want to stay indoors this Valentines day why not take yourself out on a date. Getting dolled up and wearing your sexiest outfit can be fun and different if it’s completely out of your comfort zone. Who knows, you could even end the night with a phone number…Snap Chat follow…or Facebook friend.

Valentine’s day pampering #selflove

There is nothing quite like a pampering self care session. It doesn’t get better than having a relaxing facial, back massage, or even something as simple as getting your nails and eyebrows done. Maintaining your image and putting effort into your appearance is a good demonstration of self love. As Valentine’s day falls on a Wednesday this year, why not book something after work and end the day feeling your best.

Each of the above examples aren’t specific to Valentines day as they are general ideas which can be used on any day, week, month, or time of the year. However, if you’re a Valentine’s day advocate remember it is a day all about love and which better person to start with than with yourself.

So, how will you be spending your Valentine’s day? And what are some of the ways that you make yourself feel sexy?




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