In our last post we spoke about the wedding season guest look and which outfits to go for when attending a wedding. The second most important thing to perfect is the makeup which practically goes without saying….

Subtle and romantic looks tend to work best for such occasions – but of course this can also vary depending on your outfit or your own unique style preference.

Below are some tips and techniques on how to achieve different types of romantic makeup looks…

Look 1

At weddings we want to look effortlessly gorgeous but we also still want to be a show stopper and deviate from our normal every day look. This example is a perfect blend between romantic, city chic, and dramatic. The soft pastel colours in the eyes and lips give it that girly look whilst the gold highlight gives that dazzling chic finish. Lastly, adding a pair of false lashes and excentuating the eyebrows dramatize the overall image giving it that WOW factor.

Look 2

The classic romantic look is the go too for many as it is both cost effect and less time consuming to achieve. If you’re a makeup beginner this the look for you. A hint of foundation, blush, and eye shadow will enable you to achieve this overall look. A bold pink or even red lip is the stapple item here as it will move your look form natural to classic romantic.

Look 3

The final look is more for the natural/romantic sisters. The dominant eye colours have natural undertones whilst a pale pink blush has been added to the cheeks. Depending on your complexion your blush can range between pale pink to hot pink – or even a peachy coral shade (which looks great on dark skinned women). A nude shade has been added to the lips and a pair of falsys to the lashes leaving a great end look.

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