What’s new in 2019

What’s new in 2019

First off, we’d like to say happy new to all of our readers, followers, and subscribers and thank you for all your support in 2018. As this is our first official blog of 2019, we want to fill you all in on what’s to come on JC Limited.


As part of our growth June will be working as a stress consultant collaborating with new partners from the health and wellness industries. More on our new team will come in our next blog so stay tuned.


This November we will be hosting our very first retreat in Barbados aimed at women over fifty. The retreat is for women who are at a point in their lives where they are working towards peace mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically (health) balance. When women reach the age of fifty it signifies a major shift in their lives. As the standard central point of human life, women have built up fifty years or more worth of wealth of knowledge and experience. All of which can lead to a positive or negative life journey.  The next fifty years should signify a period of reflection, tranquillity, and happiness. Not only to find balance for self, but to move on as an elder and give a worthwhile legacy.


This year will see the launch of our very first product range (followed by many more health products later on in the year under JC Cosmetics). Our health cosmetics will feature oils, lotions, and creams for those suffering with diabetes and will provide numerous health benefits. Research shows that diabetes is highly prevalent within the black community and amongst those who are over Forty five, although people can be affected at any age.

According to NH research matters, “study found that the chance of developed diabetes was significantly higher for black adults than for white adults (about 66 more cases of diabetes per 1,000 people). The greatest difference was between black women and white women. This racial disparity has been rising over the last 30 years”.


A trip to the Caribbean is also on the agenda as we’ll be attending InspireUrBiz Women International Conference on the 8th March for women’s day in Antigua. At the event we will be running a stress management workshop which will focus on the following areas

  • Indentifying stress
  • Understanding stress
  • How to manage stress
  • Participants will also be practicing stress techniques

The aim of the workshop is for visitors to feel refreshed and confident in using the techniques provided. Once incorporated changes in stress and negative behavioural patterns will be evident.


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